Ggantija Temples, Gozo

I had mixed feelings about visiting the Ggantija Temples. I read various blogs that all experienced them one of two ways. Firstly, you had people who just saw a bunch of old rocks. That’s basically what they are and if you’re expecting the Pyramids of Giza, then be prepared to be disappointed. But then there’s the second type of person. A person who looks beyond the rubble and see’s the inner beauty, the history, the culture and the charm.

ggantija temples gozo malta

Now to be this second type of person will take some work on your part. You have to work hard in visualizing what it would have looked like some 5000 years ago. As you walk the short and somewhat crowded tour, just visualize yourself as a Maltese warrior coming back from a hard day of ‘whatever they did’ and setting down to a well deserved Cisk*. If you can do this, then my friend you will enjoy every moment.

No if you are reading this, then I only assume you have found it whist doing a quick Google search of the Temples. If you are looking for a detailed history/ facts about the Ggantija Temples then please look no further.

Ġgantija (Maltese pronunciation: [dʒɡanˈtiːja], “Giants’ Tower”) is a Neolithic, megalithic temple complex on the Mediterranean island of Gozo. The Ġgantija Temples are the earliest of a series of megalithic temples in Malta. The Ġgantija Temples are older than the pyramids of Egypt. Their makers erected the two Ġgantija temples during the Neolithic Age (c. 3600-2500 BC), which makes these temples more than 5500 years old and the world’s second oldest man-made religious structures, after Göbekli Tepe.

Okay.. so not that detailed but you get the gist.

The temples are beautiful and you do get a sense of the age. There is something nice about being there and touching the oldest free standing structure in the world. The small museum at the beginning was a nice little extra. It displayed some of the artifacts found in the temple, including miniature figurines made from cow’s toe bones and a femur from a human suffering from hypophosphatemic rickets.

Overall it was a great day out and one that I would recommend to anyone visiting the island. Yes, you do have to look past the rubble, but once you do… it’s totally worth it.

ggantija temples gozo malta

*Cisk- Local Maltese beer that is actually very nice and refreshing.


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