So this afternoon after teaching, we went to the city of Haifa. It was a 1 hr drive north from Iksal and we were treated to some very nice scenery on the way. Once we arrived in Haifa, I was amazed to see how busy it was. It felt like I was back home in Nottingham. Haifa is the largest city in northern Israel, and the third largest of the country. I have got so used to the laid back way of life in Iksal, that it came as a shock to see so many people.


Once we got through the traffic, and the sea of humanity, we stopped on the coast. The view was fantastic, and I took a few pictures, then we had to quickly jump on the cable car up to the top of Mount Carmel before it closed. Again, the view was great, but the real experience was the ride up. The cable cars themselves were like hamster balls, but I imagined that they were the hamster ball type cars from Jurassic World (if you have not seen the movie then you have no idea what I am talking about) and on the ride up I had the movie score stuck on repeat in my head, it was so much fun!

After admiring the view and taking a few group photos, we headed back down towards the beach for some Shisha. The sea breeze was so refreshing, and to relax on the beach after a hard days work felt so good. I managed to watch the sunset over the Mediterranean and after a good hour, we jumped back in the mini van and headed to the Bahá’í gardens.

On the beach

Once we were on the main strip in Haifa, we could see the Bahá’í gardens rising all the way up the side of the mountain. It was dark at this point and the gardens were all lit up. I would have liked to walk up and take it all in, but by the time we arrived it had closed. Just looking at it at night was breathtaking. Everything is made from marble, and it is so clean. The gardens are very well maintained, and you could tell that it was a holy place. After a few more pictures we left and ate at what I could only describe as a kebab house. The food was delicious tho, but the best part was that I finally managed to find a beer!!!

Oh the sweet sound of the can opening. The condensation running down the can. The sweet refreshing first taste. Man, it was good. As you probably already know, Iksal is an Arabic community that is Islamic. Alcohol is not readily available (in fact, it pretty hard to find) so when I did finally find one… I thoroughly enjoyed it!

Overall Haifa is a beautiful city, but it is very busy. It is more of a tourist destination. If you would like to visit Israel and be comfortable, then Haifa is one of the best places to go.

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