Hasbani River

So after the incredible first day here in Iksal, I thought it couldn’t get any better… well I was wrong.

My host family decided to take me white water rafting down the Hasbani River. It was about an hour and a half drive up north of the country with some spectacular views. We drove high up into the mountains about 100 mph with the windows down and the sun beating down on us. The Arabs drive like crazy people, with no concept of giving way. I thought I was going to die!

After my near death experience, we finally arrived in HaGoshrim. We didn’t see much of the town as we went straight to the river. There was a safety meeting before we got on the raft. It was in Hebrew, so I did not understand a thing, but my host family ensured me that I shouldn’t worry, and that it is safe.

The excitement before rafting

It was a lot smoother than I expected. When you think of white water rafting, you think of the white water, but it was mostly smooth with a few obstacles. We got caught up in the bends of the river many times and we were constantly spinning, and I did fall in at one point, but it wasn’t as fast and dangerous as I expected, however it was still amazing. The scenery was spectacular, I could have been drifting down the Amazon and I would have felt the same overwhelming feeling as I did while drifting down the Hasbani. I relaxed and took in the views, and when it got too hot (which it always does) I had a little swim. There is something very special about swimming in a river that begins as a spring in Jordan and flows 100s of miles through two countries. It was just what I needed after baking in the afternoon sun.

Off for a swim

So after about two hours we came to the end and a coach took us back to HaGoshrim where we had a huge BBQ by the side of the river. They served up loads of meat, salad and bread. The best though was the grilled chicken…. it was “mumtez” (Arabic for awesome).

Prepping lunch

So tomorrow I will begin teaching. It’s going to be a long day, so im now going to bed…..”ala khair” (good night).

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