Mosta Rotunda, Malta

Mosta Rotunda Malta

So I had some free time this Saturday to visit Mosta Rotunda. I’ve passed this place many times on the bus to Valletta, and I have always been intrigued by its sheer size and dominant place in the centre of Mosta.mosta rotunda malta


The Mosta Rotunda is a church dedicated to the Assumption of our Lady (what she assumed I don’t know) but it was built to commemorate the Virgin Mary’s ascent into Heaven. It also has the third largest free standing dome in the world, which gives it some hierarchy over the other 365ish churches on the island. The church itself is spectacular on the outside. You get a real sense of its size when you’re up close, and the various statues that line the walls give it an aura of important significance. I’m not sure who the statues represent, I’ve never been the religious type, but I guess they were saints of some sort. After a few photos, I decided to see if the inside was as spectacular as the outside. Well, it was… kind of?


mosta maltaI’m not too sure what I was expecting, but I couldn’t help but feel a little underwhelmed. Don’t get me wrong, it had its charm and beauty. The paintings were striking and riveting, the dome created a vast space which felt like you were still outside, but it just didn’t make me stand back and go ‘wow’. However, there was one thing about this place that ultimately led me to write this post, and that is the ‘’Il-Miraklu tal-Bomba’’.



The Bomb

On the 9th of April 1942, two German bombs were dropped on the church during a Mass of 300 people. The 1st bomb crashed through the roof and miraculously never detonated. The second hit the entrance…. Again, it never detonated. Obviously this was instantly thought of as divine intervention, as the bombs had every reason to explode. It was dubbed a miracle, and rightly so. I mean.. Could you imagine the shock on everyone’s faces? You’re happily singing along to your favorite Hymn and all of a sudden a 50Kg bomb falls next to you? mosta rotunda bombIt would certainty make you count your blessings. Although, having been to Mass several times as a child through no choice of my own, I would have loved something as exciting as a bomb to fly through the roof. If you’ve ever obligatorily been to Mass then you will know why! There is a replica bomb at the back of the church and some notes about what happened. After a few more pictures and an extra walk around to take it all in, I decided to leave.

So all in all, not bad. I would recommend a visit if you’re passing. The good thing about it is it’s free. You can leave a small donation for the church service if you’d like.



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A really interesting building both visually and historically, love how it survived the Nazi’s. Maybe a divine being was looking over it that day?!

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