En Gedi - Israel

En Gedi, Israel

En Gedi is a nature reserve in Israel, located west of the Dead Sea, near Masada and the Qumran Caves. Below is my account of this surprising and exhilarating oasis. So we set off for the Dead Sea without any intention of visiting the En Gedi. To be honest, I never heard of it until one of my [...]

The dead sea israel

The Dead Sea

First of all I would like to say that the Dead Sea is an amazing place to visit. I went there in the middle of this year's summer heatwave and believe me, I've never been so hot in my life. The temperature was a mild 48 degrees centigrade, and what better way to cool down [...]


So this afternoon after teaching, we went to the city of Haifa. It was a 1 hr drive north from Iksal and we were treated to some very nice scenery on the way. Once we arrived in Haifa, I was amazed to see how busy it was. It felt like I was back home in [...]

Hasbani River

So after the incredible first day here in Iksal, I thought it couldn't get any better... well I was wrong. My host family decided to take me white water rafting down the Hasbani River. It was about an hour and a half drive up north of the country with some spectacular views. We drove high [...]

First Night in Israel

I keep finding myself laughing at myself and thinking what the hell am I doing! Yeah.. lets go to Israel! Whoop whoop. Well after the first night here I can honestly say that I have made one of the best decisions of my life. So after my journey (you can read about that here) I [...]

Iksal, Israel

First day in Israel

Sleep… this is what I need, but the excitement and adrenaline is keeping me awake. I was up very early today to finish of the packing. Not just packing for my trip to Israel, but moving out of my flat to live in Malta with my girlfriend after. I managed to get it all done [...]