Nadur Festa 2017

Nadur Festa 2017, Gozo

Nadur Festa 2017 It's difficult to be a bystander as you move with the sea of people dragging you with them, arms around each other, water, sweat, tears of joy, and a cacophony of cheering, chanting and music. It's Festa season in Malta and Gozo, and this means only one thing.... There are going to [...]

roman road malta

Xemxija Heritage Trail, Malta

Hard! That's one word to describe this inconspicuous walk. 40 degree heat and uphill. What was I thinking when I agreed to walk the Xemxija Heritage trail. To be fair, the Mediterranean way of life has had an affect on my fitness. When I first planned to move to Malta I thought fresh fruit and [...]

Chinese Garden of Serenity

Chinese Garden of Serenity, Malta

chinese garden of serenity If you fancy experiencing a little tranquility on your visit to Malta, then the Chinese Garden of serenity is the place to be. Located in Santa Lucija, the garden encourages you to roam freely around in your mind. This may sound a little 'cheesy' to some, but it does help to [...]

Mosta Rotunda, Malta

Mosta Rotunda Malta So I had some free time this Saturday to visit Mosta Rotunda. I’ve passed this place many times on the bus to Valletta, and I have always been intrigued by its sheer size and dominant place in the centre of Mosta. Exterior The Mosta Rotunda is a church dedicated to the Assumption [...]

ggantija temples gozo malta

Ggantija Temples, Gozo

I had mixed feelings about visiting the Ggantija Temples. I read various blogs that all experienced them one of two ways. Firstly, you had people who just saw a bunch of old rocks. That's basically what they are and if you're expecting the Pyramids of Giza, then be prepared to be disappointed. But then there's [...]